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Inaugural Latinx Graduation

The inaugural Latinx Graduation Ceremony was led by a team of Latinx student leaders from Latinx organizations across the Texas A&M campus. They came together to make an idea become a reality, and the first Latinx Graduation Ceremony was held on May 8th, 2019.


Founder | Andrea Flores

Andrea Flores

Founder | Ale Moreno

Ale Moreno

Founder | Ashley Sosa

Ashley Sosa

Founder | Jasmine Arambula

Jasmine Arambula

Founder | Carlo Chunga

Carlo Chunga

Founder | Edgar Rivera

Edgar Rivera

Founder | Esmeralda Hernandez

Esmeralda Hernandez

Founder | Metzli Sanchez

Metzli Sanchez

Founder | Joseph Trujillo

Joseph Trujillo

Founder | Edward Rodriguez

Vanessa Fernandez

Edward Rodriguez_.jpg

Edward Rodriguez

Founder | Joel Salazar

Joel Salazar

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