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Buck Weirus Spirit Award

The Buck Weirus Spirit Award honors 55 students each year who demonstrate high INVOLVEMENT, create positive EXPERIENCES throughout the Aggie community, IMPACT student life at Texas A&M and enhance the Aggie SPIRIT. Unlike other awards, the Buck Weirus Spirit Award recognizes those students who make contributions to the university through participation in student organizations, Aggie traditions and university events.

This page is dedicated to the members of LGC who have demonstrated high involvement and impact at Texas A&M University.

LGC Buck Weirus Spirit Award Recipients

Carlo Chunga

2018 Recipient

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Andrea Flores

2019 Recipient

Joseph Trujillo

2019 Recipient

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Edgar Rivera

2019 Recipient

Saúl Dominguez

2019 Recipient

Vita Tijerina

2020 Recipient

Edward Rodriguez

2020 Recipient

Stephanie Gonzalez

2020 Recipient